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Teri-E Belf

About Teri-E

My Life Purpose is to inspire and guide people to take steps towards our dreams.

There are many parts to me

The theme for my life - sharing light with people, metaphorically began as a pre- teen when I was a part of a successful Junior Achievement venture selling gooseneck lamps to neighbors and family friends. As life went on I found many other ways to bring light into people’s lives

On a personal note, I feel blessed to have a Grandson, one amazing son (best teacher I ever had) who is a Professional Photographer <www.belf.org>, a great daughter-in-law and sister and her family. Family times bring laughter, connection and support, Let’s not forget my Granddog, Charley. My husband Phil and I live on a lake, we think is heaven.

I love learning and am fascinated about how people learn. Formally my academic education included: Oberlin College (BA), University of Pittsburgh (MA and C.A.G.S.) in Educational Evaluation and Learning.

I studied and experienced different spiritual philosophies, courses in religion at Oberlin College, more extensive learning from MSIA, the Emissaries of Divine Light, and the Kybalion and reading about Eastern philosophies and practices. They all contributed to my worldview that we are ONE with many forms of expressing light in our unique ways. Perhaps that is why it is important to me to guide people to express themselves spiritually in any way they choose.

For years I had been searching for the best way for me to serve the planet. Sherri Mills and I met around 1997. She told me when she passed through a small Kenyan village the tour guide said, “People in our village stay there. There is no formal education.” Sherri asked, “What would it take to educate a child?” The Makena Foundation was born , a nonprofit organization whose mission it is to “change the world one child at a time” and whose contributions go 100% to the children. That was what I had been looking for.

Most importantly, I live on purpose and love guiding others to do the same.

Why I spell my name Teri-E

First, say it and pronounce the capital E with gusto! Look at your face. It has formed a smile. One must smile in order to say Teri-E. That tells you something about me.

The ‘E’ stands for Ellen, my birth name. I spent 27 years as Ellen and I wanted to honor that I am now who I am because of who I was.

However the actual spelling came when I wanted to have Teri-Ellen engraved on a ring after choosing to have Teri as my first name. The jeweler couldn’t fit it all and apologetically presented me with the ring with Teri-E. In return he received a huge hug.

When I told my family, my Mom told me she had named me Teri at birth and changed it to Ellen. I had never known that, or at some level I guess I had. If you want to know even more about my name story, ask when we connect.

Life BC - Before Coaching

I remember the dinner table rule, no TV during dinner. Instead my sister and I listened to our parents discussing the family business. I believe that vicariously I must have imbibed as much business savvy as food. A developed business sense made it easier for me to create and manage a successful business and include a business module in our coach certification program.

I also fondly remember that when we had family disagreements, my parents and I (my sister was too young then) would sit at the bottom of the stairs and talk it over until we reached resolution. These were our Family Councils. What a way to be introduced at a young age to what is now known as called, Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution.

In 1987, after a 15-year management career, I let go of other people’s rules and structure and became an entrepreneur in spite of challenging circumstances such as being a single parent, being let go from my job, having a mortgage to pay and losing my Mom in a car accident. That is when I discovered coaching – in London.