What Teri-E offers:
Teri-E Belf

Coach Competency Training
for Managers

A Coaching Competency Training Program complete with Facilitator’s Guide (59 pages), PowerPoint slides (46), Participant handouts (30 pages), Coaching role-play practice cases (5), a Feedback Form and a 64 minutes DVD demonstrating coaching competency that is used in conjunction with the Facilitator’s Guide.


Benefits/Advantages for an individual

As a Trainer, Facilitator or Teacher, you purchase a comprehensive program to tailor and use, developed by the world’s first M.C.C. (Master Certified Coach), and a Coach Trainer with SUN for 20 years. If you have trained before, you can easily pick up this material and deliver it. It is self explanatory and clearly organized.

Benefits/Advantages for an organization

  1. One-time purchase, all rights included to use as often as desired. Modify as you wish.
  2. The program is already developed; no start-up development costs.
  3. Immediate use and implementation.
  4. A quality program with a proven track record


We are thrilled. The material is excellent, comprehensive and applicable.

As we watch the DVD, we can really appreciate your outstanding professional skills, clarity in coaching and turning this profession into art.

Thank you for your efforts and cooperation for making our dream come true!

- Talia Eldor, International Coordinator, Coaching Academy
- Eran Olenik, CEO and CO-Partner, Coaching Academy

Cost: $15,000.