What Teri-E offers:
Teri-E Belf

Teri-E BElf, the world's first Master Certified Coach (M.C.C.)

I have been coaching for over 30 years and still love it.

My two key programs are:
1. Life Coaching and Spiritual exploration, complete with learning your life purpose and how to use it to make wise decisions and
2. Success Coaching to help you learn how to consistently obtain the results and well-being you want.

Life Coaching and Spiritual Exploration

Do you ever wonder?

CONTENT: This guided coaching program offers you the process, tools and techniques to create a purposeful life. Use it as a springboard for increased spiritual meaningfulness, clarity and tranquility. Because it is personalized, the content is fashioned by your present reality and future desires.

PROCESS: Explore these questions with a Coach one-on-one for eight meetings (two hours each) spread over six months, in person; or using Zoom Technology.

RESULTS: Clients have successfully used this program to:

Contact Teri-E Belf coach@belf.org or +1 703-402-8762

The Success Program


CONTENT: This guided coaching program offers you the process, tools and techniques to create success and well-being consistently in all areas of your life. The content is fashioned by your present reality and future goals.

PROCESS: Develop a lifetime approach to success--- work one-on-one with a Success Coach. There are eight meetings (two hours each) spread over six months.

RESULTS: Clients have successfully used this program to:

I love creating success, let me help you get more.

Contact Teri-E Belf coach@belf.org or +1 703-402-8762

What I consider to be effective coaching


1. Effective coaching focuses more on the ‘who’ of the client, more than the ‘what’. This is because the bottom-line of all doing is a state of being. Try this exercise and see for yourself:

Identify something you want, a product or a thing, for example, a degree, a promotion, a larger TV, or condo. Ask yourself, “What will that bring me?” and ask this question again until you identity a state of being.

Now ask, what is the outcome your in-come will bring?


2. Coaching has the word ‘chi’ in it, coaching. Chi means life energy, life force. Effective coaches are aware of their own energy and the energy of their clients. Energy provides motivation. Energy keeps us in motion. By focusing energy in line with our values and life purpose, we experience a fulfilling and meaningful life.


3. Effective coaching is sustainable. Likely you have heard the expression, “When a man is hungry, you can give him fish or teach him to fish”. Give him fish and he must return to you for more fish. Likewise, if your coach helps you get results, then you will need to keep returning to your coach when you want more results.

If you teach him to fish he will not have to keep coming back to you. Similarly, effective coaching guides you to learn how to clarify and obtain the results you desire. The SUN program methodology aims at sustainability so that after the 5 months of coaching, you know how to obtain results. When are in the habit of knowing how to obtain results for yourself, you no longer need your coach.


4. Whereas learning your life purpose is a guided process and not technically coaching, it is the foundation of our program and the first meeting. Coaching works better when you know their life purpose. Purpose provides a context for all your choices and spawns visions and values. Your life purpose defines your unique essence and the best of who you are and what you do. It only takes 1 ½ hours to uncover it with at least 90% accuracy.

My success coaching strategy

includes 6 parts woven together into a fabric tailored and designed to meet your needs.

Coaching 6S = SUCCESS

With your coach, supporting you from the sidelines to access spiritual and inner wisdom, special you discovers your life purpose and creates a strategy for sustainable satisfaction and significant results.

1. Strategy (SUN methodology) - 8 meetings about 2-3 weeks apart, 90-120 minutes each

In person (Greater DC area) or Zoom Technology.

2. Sustainable (learning and applying after 5-months coaching completed)

3. Satisfaction (Well-Being)

4. Special you (Life Purpose)

5. Significant results (Results Game - prioritized list of the MOST IMPORTANT things you want)

6. Support from the sidelines (your coach)

My article below highlights what I aim to do


Do you have any obstacles or problems you wish to have take up less of your time or you wish to experience will less intensity, or both?

People often enter into a coaching relationship because something gets in the way or prevents them from achieving the results they want. We refer to these as obstacles. I believe that obstacles cannot be permanently removed because they are life lessons that we spend a lifetime working with and mastering to the best of our ability. The good news is that obstacles can shrink to the point where either they no longer take up so much time or are not experienced as so intense, or both. Three things can be altered: frequency, duration and intensity.

To help clarify, I share a personal example. One of my life lessons is to learn to be patient. Whereas I am outrageous optimist and continually working on self-awareness and development, I do not believe it is possible for me to be patient 100% of the time. As I live my life’s journey and engage in personal growth and discovery, it is obvious to people, including myself, that I have become ever so much more patient. There are still times when I experience impatience and those are less intense and take up less of my time. I interpret as a measure of success that they also appear less frequently. Thus I came to the conclusion that this finding can be generalized to all obstacles.

There are three possible (likely) outcomes that may occur regarding your obstacle, problem or challenge. These three desired outcomes are:

1) The obstacle is experienced as less intense.

2) The obstacle takes up less time.

3) The obstacle appears less frequently.


Mariana has great reservations about speaking in public and becomes very nervous each time she needs to say something during work staff meetings. As a Marketing Assistant she created a job where she can remain in the background and give her creative suggestions and ideas to individuals. Whereas she is reluctant to speak in front of her peers, she is comfortable dialoging 1:1 with her supervisor or a colleague.

She has just been assigned a new responsibility as part of her job, to facilitate focus groups to obtain ideas for gaining visibility for her Department’s new product. This raises her anxiety level and she fears that she will not be able to carry out her duties satisfactorily. Her sleep patterns disrupt and her supervisor has noticed that her alertness has withered.

Mariana is assigned a coach to work with her for a few months with the focus to help her be more comfortable when she is in a group. During coaching she becomes aware how much time she spends worrying about what other people are thinking about her. She also admits she is extremely self-judgmental and self-critical.

Towards the end of the coaching her critical self-talk has substantially diminished and her inner dialogue shifts to positive affirmations about her ability to be successful. Whereas worrying does pop up every now and then, she reports it takes up much less of her thinking time. This positive inner attitude enables her to pay attention to what others are saying and be more present to what is happening around her. Her anxiety has also diminished and transformed into a healthy case of ‘friendly butterflies in her stomach’ that keeps her on her toes and alert to the nuances of communication.

In summary, her obstacle is experienced as less intense and it takes up less of her time.

Next Step

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