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Coach Training & Certification
(PCC Level)


SUN is proud to have an ICF-accredited Coach Training and Certification Program. ICF Accreditation is awarded to programs that meet ICF professional standards for coach training programs. Graduation from our program will meet ICF's P.C.C. (Professional Coach Certification) requirements for student contact learning hours, mentor coaching, and passing the exams. SUN presence is in 11 countries, 4 more in process, and in three continents. We are perhaps the smallest Coach training and certification program. Our aim and commitment is for extremely high quality, not quantity.



The Success Unlimited Network®, L.C.C. (SUN) Coach Training and Certification is a program I brought over from England in 1987. It was developed in 1980. Our coaching is very holistic. I have had the privilege of coaching since 1987 and training coaches since 1991.

The SUN program is based on a model of Business Management /Sports coaching developed in England. The value of this approach to coaching is revealed in Tim Gallwey’s books, The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Work. In his tennis book, Mr. Gallwey noticed that most tennis coaches focus on the act of hitting the ball. His approach is to focus on what happens between hits. It is the focus on “between the meeting approach” that contributes to making SUN a unique and effective coaching program.


The Certification has six modules (see below). In Module I we require that you learn your Life Purpose and the unique SUN methodology before using it to coach clients. You set up your coaching business and learn how to market and be in the business of being a coach. In Modules II-VI you learn and practice the coaching competencies and begin coaching clients under supervision.


Here are some of the characteristics that distinguish our program:

  1. The SUN program has a structure and process; the coach provides the structure using three unique techniques: The Results Game©, The Well-Being Game©, and The Guidelines for Living©. The client provides the content.
  2. Our client program has a defined number of meetings, i.e., 8, and is not open ended.
  3. Ours is primarily a 1:1 tailored certification program fit to your and your client's specific needs.
  4. Our program started in 1981 in London.
  5. Our British roots based the coaching model on sports psychology and management theory, not the behavioral sciences.
  6. We require that you and your clients start with the Life Purpose Meeting.
  7. This individualized format works for people who need flexibility so meetings are scheduled to meet your time demands and life balance.
  8. We attract coaches who acknowledge that they are spiritually-based and willing to integrate spirituality into their work.



ALL scheduling and timing is flexible and is co-created by us. Meetings can be in person and/or via Zoom Technology (free).


Program Overview: 125 hours total

100 hours in person and/or Zoom Technology. Additional opportunities include monthly Tele-learning classes facilitated by other SUN Trainers and credentialed SUN Coaches, monthly 2-hour skills practices, buddy practices and an annual 4-5 day education retreat in a coaching learning community. All of these give you credit towards your certification.

MODULE I (learn life purpose and the SUN techniques, learn about the business)

MODULE II (implementing the coaching business)

MODULE III (foundation of coaching)

MODULE IV (applying the core competencies-basic)

MODULE V (applying the core competencies-advanced)

MODULE VI (integration and customization)

*Personal Mastery Practicum

Your Practicum is a personal project that will be designed by you and your Coach Trainer (me) is usually something of a spiritual nature. It will impact all areas of your life, allow you to use most of the program processes and techniques on yourself, and will last for the entire Certification. By the end of the Certification Program you will experience mastery in your life. Practicum examples:

As you can see these are fairly comprehensive and could bring extraordinary results and well-being.


Module I: $4400. in advance or $4800. if paid in installments $350. minimum per month is acceptable.

Modules II-VII: $9500. Part II may also be paid in installments with minimum $350. per month.

Remember: You are coaching at least 3 full-paying clients during this part of the program and earning close to the equivalent of the tuition fee.


Graduation from our program meets the ICF's requirements for coach certification for student contact learning hours (training), mentor coaching and passing the exams.

Successful completion of the SUN Coach Training and Certification Program enables you to be a Certified Success Coach (C.S.C.) and part of the network of people serving the planet in this way. Once you have 60 hours of training completed AND 100 hours coaching experience (25 hours may be pro bono), you may apply to ICF for the Associate Certified Coach (A.C.C.). When you have completed 125 hours of SUN training received your SUN certificate and have 750 hours coaching experience, you may apply for the ICF credential, Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C.). Other requirements are on the ICF website, www.coachfederation.org.

LONG DISTANCE VERSION (optional variation)

Persons who come from a distance sometimes like to spend larger chunks of time in Virginia for Modules II-VI (from 1-2 days to 2 weeks) as we immerse in the coach training process while experiencing balance in our daily living. ALL scheduling and timing is flexible and can be co-created by us. The trips are spaced based upon what is best for your individual needs, lifestyle, finances, and your client load.

Zoom Technology (free) enables us to be connected in real-time and can substitute for some or all of the in-person meetings.