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Life Purpose Certification

If you wish to add coach training hours because you selected to go the PORTFOLIO route for obtaining your credential, (that means gathering training hours from different coach training programs and schools and other sources), you might just want to consider taking the SUN Life Purpose Certification for 8 coaching hours towards your credential.

“The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.”

METHOD: Certification is conducted solo or groups, face-to-face or Zoom Technology.

  1. Experience the 10-step Life Purpose Process
  2. Review the process and learn how to deal with unexpected scenarios
  3. Practice the process and gain mastery through role play
  4. Facilitate 3 client's life purpose process under supervision

At the end of the 8 hours you will know your life purpose and feel competent and confident to facilitate other’s life purpose and small business mission statements.

WHEN: At your convenience

COST: $1670. Manual and DVD included in cost. May be paid in installments of $300. monthly minimum. Checks, PayPal, Charge Cards accepted

If you wish to learn how to use Life Purpose as a Marketing Tool, add 2 more hours and $200. and you will receive presentations and handouts and strategic tips based upon 20+ years experience how to get clients using this as an entrée.

If you wish to learn additional applications of Life Purpose such as how to use the SUN Decision Tool to make purposeful choices, understand the shadow side of purpose, and use the process to facilitate a couple’s purpose, add 2 more hours and $200.