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Simply Life It Up: Brief Solutions (Book)

224 pages with 40 coaching techniques including Results and Well-Being Games (Purposeful Press)

$16.95 plus s/h

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Coaching with Spirit: allowing success to emerge (Book)

Coaching book about weaving your spirituality into your coaching and your marketing of coaching, including experiences from colleagues, coaching leaders, clients reports, international coaching and executive coaching. Explains three coaching communities, one of them SUN.

$29.95 plus s/h

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Facilitating Life Purpose Manual: a manual for coaches (Spiral Bound)

Step-by-step process for facilitating life purpose including forms, marketing samples, frequently asked questions and answers and practice anecdotes.Available in Spanish, Italian and French and Hebrew.


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Coaching Business Plan Workbook (eBook)

This is a friendly, easy-to-use business plan workbook for coaches, structured and organized to cover everything you need to launch or grow your coaching business. It is packed with the best of the best information and tips gathered from over 20 years in coaching.


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How to Successfully Market Coaching Using Spiritual Perspectives (eBook)

Four articles that share the most useful marketing tips learned by the world’s 1st Master Certified Coach with over 20 year experience in the coaching profession. The focus is marketing everywhere---with a spiritual perspective If you dislike marketing, this will help you change that feeling into a positive experience that produces results.


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Coaching Competency Demystified: Boost Your Coaching Expertise (eBook)

333 real-life examples, exposing you to competent and incompetent coaching based upon 10 of the 11 International Coach Federation (ICF) key coaching competencies. This workbook will help you:
- If you want to upgrade your expertise as a Coach.
- If you are preparing for an ICF PCC exam.
- If you want increased confidence that you are really doing coaching.


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Coach Competency Training (Program)

Easy to deliver, self explanatory, clearly organized program for trainers and educators to use including Facilitator’s Guide (59 pp), PowerPoint slides (46), Participant handouts (30 pp), Coaching role-play practice cases, Feedback Form and 1-hour DVD demonstration. Use to increase awareness of coaching as a vehicle to transform communications, dialogue and productivity in an organization and to increase coaching competency of managers or supervisors through training, practice and evaluation. Customization permitted.


For more information, contact coach@belf.org

Coaching Courses (Courses)

Twenty-two courses for trainers and educators to use from 30 minutes to 3 hours in length, such as Ethics, Establishing Coaching Results, Cues for Coachable Moments, Attaining Neutrality, Setting Limits Coaching the Being, Dealing with Emotions, Macro Coaching, Highly Leveraged Moments, Auditory Appreciation, Power of the Pause, Catering to the Kinesthetic, Using Intuition, Facilitating Integration, Metaphors, Guiding a Visualization, Evaluating Progress and Completion. Customization permitted.

$100-$300 each

For more information, contact coach@belf.org

Auto Suggestions: Heal your CARma, Fix your CAR (Spiral Bound)

Humorous 65-page cartoon-illustrated book suggesting that your 25 most common car problems relate to your life problems, e.g., windshield wipers streaking? check life visions for clarity. Have fun looking up your car symptoms, diagnosis, and putting your car and life upkeep maintenance on your next Results Game.

$10 plus s/h

Simply Live it Up (T-shirt)

Wear that interesting cover and let people know you simply life it UP. Great for night-shirt or jogging. 50-50 blend or 100% cotton.

Available in Large and Extra Large.

$15 plus s/h


SUN Exploratory Packet

•  Complete exploratory packet with professional laminated forms
•  12 Life area cards
•  SUN good luck stretch rubber band

$18 plus s/h