What Teri-E offers:
Teri-E Belf

Teri-E BElf offers several high quality coach training programs developed based upon her 30 years of being a Coach Trainer.If interested in any, please contact Teri-E at
+1 703-402-8762 or coach@belf.org

1. ICF-Accredited Coach Training and Certification program at PCC level (125 hours)

2. Mentor Coaching for ICF Credentialing (10 hours)

3. Life Purpose Certification (8 hours)

4. Advanced Training in SUN Methodology (40 hours)

5. Coach Competency Training for Managers (16 hours)

6. Twenty-two different coaching competency workshops

BE a SPACE coach

S = stillness.

Stillness precedes the emergence of wisdom. Stillness allows evocative questions to form. During stillness, scanning of all possibilities occurs before a focus is selected. Stillness paired with curiosity leads to a state of ONE-der. Synapses, (the space between neurons) require no external input; Insights happen only when the brain is still.

P = pause.

During a pause, when coach and client are breathing together, conspiracy happens. Conspire means to breathe together, hence being in rapport.

It is in the spaces between words that we can begin to hear what is not spoken. Listening and silence are the twins of being; they create and maintain this ritual space.

Lee Salmon, MCC

A = allowing.

Allowing is permitting yourself to exit the space of doing and enter the space of being --- with no agenda. By inviting and allowing silence at the beginning of a coaching meeting, the most meaningful and purposeful conversation surfaces from the essence of being as opposed to what is the ‘hot topic of the moment’. By allowing silence at the end of a coaching meeting, new learning and wisdom can begin to integrate as insights emerge.

C = cycle.

Life is cyclical based upon a balance of internal and external rhythms. The external represents behaviors - what we do in the world. The internal represents our states of being, (thoughts, emotions). As a mentor coach for 20 years I noticed that most coaches deal with the client’s external world. However MCC coaches spend much more time paying attention to the internal world, both within themselves, (their own physical sensations, energy level and flow), and the internal state of the client. To tap into the internal state of a client requires a heightened sense of connection and rapport. Masterful coaches have the ability to cycle back and forth between being in the body and being aware of being in the body through the neutral observer, (wise or detached self).

Try breathing out and again and again and again. Following my instructions literally, you would be out of breath. At some point one must complete the cycle and breathe in. Your breath is a metaphor and reminder for SPACE coaching.

E = energy.

Did you realize that the word, Chi, is found within the word coaching? When we monitor our chi, energy level, life force, we accelerate rapport and can get into our client’s being to gain awareness of what is happening.

As a coach trainer I have been interested in SPACE coaching for some time and in an ICF workshop, The Power of the Pause, I invited coaches to experience what happens when they hold the space of silence in rapport with their client. Coaches were instructed in advance to remain almost silent with minimal interruption or content for 30 seconds, after each time the client spoke. Both coaches and clients reflections were profound.

Coaches’ Insights

Clients’ Insights

Take your coaching to the next level, be a SPACE coach.

Belf, Teri-E. Coaching With Spirit: allowing success to emerge, Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, a Wiley Company. 2002, pp.56-7